Supporting Nurses & Midwives in Kildare

I totally back the Nurses and midwives who voted overwhelmingly to go on strike in the New Year over pay and recruitment and retention difficulties.

Nurses are currently campaigning for an across-the-board pay increase to address recruitment and retention difficulties in the health service.

The INMO has sought pay parity with groups such as physiotherapists and speech and language therapists. They argue that their members are paid about €7,000 a year less than staff in therapy grades but work more hours.

“The INMO said nurses and midwives were the lowest-paid graduate professionals in the health service and that they earned thousands of euros less than similarly qualified health professionals, despite having a longer working week.”

INMO general secretary Phil Ní Sheaghdha said: “Ireland’s nurses and midwives are speaking with one clear voice. This vote reflects a deep frustration in our professions, which the government cannot continue to ignore.”

“Nurses and midwives simply want to do their jobs and care for patients properly. But low pay has led to staff shortages, compromising safe care.

“Ireland’s current haphazard approach to nurse staffing is costly and bad for patient care, as confirmed by the Minister for Health’s own nursing taskforce.”

We need to reward our Nurses & Midwives accordingly with regards their remuneration and working conditions and retain their amazing dedication and services here in Ireland and not force them to have to leave their native country and families  because of poor pay and conditions offered in foreign lands.

My view has always been prevention rather than looking for a cure after the damage has been done, so pay our amazing professionals their worth and Retention of such superior skills should always be a high priority.