Recognising Family Carers

Family Carers in Ireland another amazing group of people been forgotten about.

Family Carers Ireland pointed out that €11m less was spent on the home care budget between 2008 and 2015.

Why is this,When Family carers in Ireland provide over six million hours of unpaid care every week, saving the State around €4 billion annually ?

Everyone has a major stake in ensuring carers are supported as we will all be in need of this very same support in future years if not sooner. Many of us are destined to be carers at some stage most likely. And many others will need the help of one. The current level of strain felt by so many carers is unsustainable.

There is a need to increase the hours a carer can study or work while receiving their carer’s allowance. More investment is needed in therapies for children with a disability.

There is an over-reliance on the so-called hidden army of carers who look after older relatives and younger disabled loved ones as revealed in our snapshot of Ireland today.

Thanks to their generosity, they rank 193,020 in number, many of them devoting their lives to care. It is rewarding but also a physical, mental and financial strain.

A half-hour’s home help twice a week from the HSE may be the extent of the State’s contribution to care, and some are even denied this support.

The crisis in respite care continues and in some areas is non-existent, denying carers even a night’s break.

Just like the Defence Force members and their families Carers in Ireland have been totally forgotten about and taken for granted from previous and present politicians constantly. Action is required ASAP and increased payments and benefits should be awarded to the unsung heroes who are Carers throughout Ireland.