Fully reopening Celbridge Garda Station

Celbridge Garda Station has seen many operational  changes in my 30 years as a resident of this beautiful area and not all for the better of the community. One of the largest towns in north Kildare, Celbridge, has a population of 22,000 but only 11 Gardaí and no full-time Garda station. At one stage 22 Gardaí were based in the town and 2 Sergeants. Kildare also has the lowest rate of Gardaí in the country, with 15 Gardaí per 10,000 head of population.

Over the last 10 years the station has unfortunately had a huge reduction of members and the actual opening hours of the station were greatly reduced.

Local residents and community groups have been seeking additional manpower and further resources to be allocated to Celbridge and Kildare County.

An Garda Siochana needs the support of all communities and I have always been an advocate for the work they carry out on a daily basis just like our DF members.  Their job can be a very hard and thankless job at times and communities need to give them the respect and help they deserve as to ensure we all are staying safe and looking out for each other in our communities.

A permanent Community Garda was to be appointed to Celbridge Garda Station within the months of March / April 2019. All additional members to be allocated to Celbridge station are very welcome and much needed and appreciated.

I would very much like to see that our local Garda Station gets allocated additional Garda members stationed here and a fully operational and resourced Garda Station operating far greater opening hours for all of the communities benefit.

Celbridge town is indeed growing much bigger and our community is stretching further each year which means we also need all the necessary infrastructures in place, a fully resourced Garda Station and Fire station etc. able to cope with whatever demands maybe needed for the entire community.